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  • Health

    We promote healthy habits through nutrition and sport

For health

We promote healthy habits through nutrition and sport.

By sport

We fight the sedentary lifestyle and encourage the practice of sports.

For solidarity

Because we all have the transforming power to change the world.

For education in values

We work for equality, justice, dignity, respect, freedom, integrity, cooperation ...


To change the world

Live the Race against Hunger


About us

Jesus Carballo

Godfather of the Race Against Hunger 2015.

"Running, the girls and boys of the planet not only help Action Against Hunger but also loudly and loudly shout the elders, the politicians, the bosses, who do not think to stand by and you're going to put all your energy in solving this problem because hunger is not inevitable, has solution. Hang the medal of champions against hunger ".


CEIP Álvaro de Bazán. Madrid.

We have a plan to end hunger, a perfect plan. 8,500 children die each day from malnutrition. In my school we have learned that we too can help. To change the world we need to organize well and train hard. We need your help! Join our plan! I run against hunger!

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