• March 22nd – Word Water Day

    May 14th and 15th – International Run


    Join your school in supporting the fight against child malnutrition.

En 2020 y 2021
corremos para vencer al monstruo

Estrenamos “El Monstruo Invisible”, la última película de Javier y Guillermo Fesser. Una historia invisible pero difícilmente olvidable, llena de ternura, esperanza y valores, a través de la cual Acción contra el Hambre quiere acercar a las aulas el problema de la desnutrición crónica, dotándolo de nombres y apellidos.

Queremos que tú y tu alumnado seáis los primeros en verla gracias a la Carrera contra el Hambre


For health

We promote healthy habits through nutrition and sport.

For sport

We battle sedentary lifestyles and encourage taking part in sporting activities.

For solidarity

Because we all have the transformational power to change the world.

For a values-based education

We work for equality, justice, dignity, respect, freedom, integrity, cooperation ...


To change the world

Live the Race against Hunger


About us

Jesus Carballo

Former Olympic gymnast and supporter of the Run Against Hunger 2015.

"By running, the world's children not only help Action Against Hunger but also send a clear message to adults, politicians and the people in charge: we do not intend to stand around doing nothing, we are going to work as hard as we can to solve this problem...because hunger is not inevitable, there is a solution. Accept your medals as champions against hunger."


CEIP Álvaro de Bazán. Madrid.

We've got a plan to bring an end to hunger, it's a perfect plan.

8,500 children die every day from malnutrition. At school, we have learned that we too can help them.

To change the world we need to get well organised and train hard. We need your help! Join us! I'm running against hunger!

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