What is it?

The Run Against Hunger is an international, educational, charity and sports initiative, which is simple to implement and can be done by any school. A turnkey project with no cost for schools, which allows all students to take part in a charity initiative that has one single goal: that no child in the world dies of starvation.

Action Against Hunger provides each participating school with all necessary tools and materials for free to successfully organise the event.

Schools choose the language of the material they receive:

ca Catalan
es Spanish
eu Basque
fr French
en English

3 key moments



Before the run

An Action Against Hunger representative comes to your school to work on the issue of hunger in the classroom with your students. Through specific approaches for every age group, lasting approximately 1 hour, the children will learn about lives unlike their own and will then be able to go out and find "sponsors": friends and family who promise to contribute a small amount for every lap completed on race day.


The Run

22nd March (Word Water Day), 17th May (International Run), 16th October (World Food Day), 20th November (World Children´s Day)

Organised by your school, race day is a very special event. It's time to run as many laps as possible to ensure maximum funds are raised and to celebrate our solidarity and cooperation together.



December or June

The activities organized to celebrate the end of the year or the school year are a good opportunity for highlighting the importance of taking part in charity initiatives throughout the year and explaining what pupils have learned through this activity. It is also an ideal time to share information on the project's outcome with pupils and their families, providing details about where the funds will go and how they will be used for Action Against Hunger's projects.

Healthy habits, sport, nutrition and values

We foster a spirit of solidarity among children and young people and promote healthy habits through nutrition and sport.

We promote values ​​such as equality, justice, dignity, freedom, integrity, professionalism and respect for human rights. The Run Against Hunger aims to build a society that is more committed to social causes and the initiative is presented as a personal challenge for the pupils, who will be part of the next generation of young people who can bring an end to hunger. They are the ones who will ensure the world's sustainability along with its social, environmental and economic development.

Personal expectations, a desire for self-development and a culture of constant improvement are part of our make-up and that of this project.


21th EDITION 2018

In Spain
more than 143,000 students running in solidarity
more than 320 participating schools
more than €700,000 raised
more than 518,000 students running in solidarity
more than 1900 participating schools
more than €5,000,000 raised
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